The distorting influence of Kabbalah on traditional Judaism



We are pleased to announce publication of Lippman Bodoff's new book:


The Binding of Isaac, Religious Murders, and Kabbalah:

Seeds of Jewish Extremism and Alienation?



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In a series of evocative, groundbreaking articles, the author analyzes the Biblical and Rabbinic basis for what surely are now some of the most hotly debated topics in Jewish religious thought today.
These include how the traditional interpretation of the Binding of Isaac has been misapplied in both Christian theology and Jewish martyrology, and how the centuries-long, and newly resurgent belief in mysticism and messianism, in kabbalah and Hasidism, has distorted classical Judaism and thwarted its national and

cultural development.

Elie Wiesel says:

"Lippman Bodoff's well-deserved study of timely and eternal themes in Jewish literature and religion will surely appeal to the curiosity of readers for it is both absorbing and enriching"


Rabbi Professor Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi of England and the Commonwealth says:

"Mr. Lippman Bodoff is a writer on Jewish themes who consistently raises interesting questions and thought provoking answers. I have no doubt that his essays will be of great interest to those wishing to learn and think more about Judaism, its spirituality and sacred texts."


Rabbi Dr. Normal Lamm, Cancellor and Past President of Yeshiva University and Author of Contemporary Orthodox Judaism's Response to Modernity says:

"In this volume, an impressive number of Bodoff's published essays demonstrate the author's mastery of the diverse sources of Jewish learning, from the most ancient to the most contemporary. I have no doubt that the current volume will prove worthy of the reader's time and attention, and widen the circle of Mr. Bodoff's admirers"



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